Downtown Columbus Georgia Tours



Experience the brick-laden stretch of Broadway in the Downtown Columbus Georgia Tour.  Take in the old and the new, with over 30 points of interest.

See the homes of John Pemberton, the inventor of the world’s most famous soft drink. Plus, the spot where a competitor launched his own soda.

Visit historical landmarks such as The Springer Opera House, Heritage Park, and the Chattahoochee Promenade.

A touch of some local Black History, the industrial history, and even some sports tidbits for any fan.

Hear the stories that helped transform Columbus from the western frontier settlement of Georgia to the “Jewel of The Chattahoochee.”

Meet downtown at 900 Front Avenue, Columbus GA (Visitors Center).

  Walking Tours are wheelchair accessible on flat terrain.

Walking Tours and Tour Guide in your vehicle are dog-friendly.



  • Historic District
  • Uptown Business District
  • Memorial parks
  • Former downtown industrial district

Please allow up to 2 hours for this tour.  We also have a one-hour version of this tour.  

All tour times are Eastern.

FOR WALKING TOURS:  A  two-mile walk with designated “break” stops along the way.  The terrain is 99% flat surface with one mild incline and the majority of the tour on sidewalk.

Please wear comfortable walking shoes.  It is highly encouraged to bring water and simple snacks to stay fueled and hydrated.



  • The first $100, or bookings under $100, are non-refundable.
  • Exchanges can be made, if the request is made at least 24 hours before the start of the tour.
  • Reschedule date must be within one year of original tour date.
  • See FAQ for weather-related questions.
Prices & Booking

Prices & Booking

 If booking for one person, you may be the only guest on the tour. If you're ok with it, proceed with booking.

Downtown Columbus Shuttle Tour

Adults (ages 10 and up) – $25/person

Child (ages 3-9) – $15/person

Ages 2 & under – Free

10 to 13 guests – $240.00 total

Call 762-822-6251 for rates for 15 or more guests.


Book - Shuttle

Tour Guide on board your personal Vehicle, Van or Bus

Price per Group / Not per person

1 to 4 guests – $35.00 total
5 to 14 guests – $55.00 total
15 to 25 guests – $75.00 total
26 to 35 guests – $90.00 total
36 to 45 guests – $105.00 total
46 or more guests – $120.00 total


Book - Guide-On-Board

Downtown Columbus Walking Tour

1 to 4 guests – $14.95 / person

5 to 9 guests – $12.50 / person

10 to 13 guests – $11.50 / person

Child (Ages 8-12) $7.95 / person

Child (Ages 0-7)  FREE

Group of 14 to 15 guests – $150.00 (total)


Book - Walking

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Vicinity Tours, LLC