Art & Antebellum Tours


Columbus, Georgia has its share of antebellum homes. Columbus also exhibits a  strong, expanding local art scene.

Venture into both realms on this exquisite tour of Midtown Columbus!  Enjoy the views of large estates, copious architectural styles, and breathtaking art.

Estates built on wide-open country stood the test of progress.  Modern abodes surround the structures displaying a vast array of creative architectural styles.

Midtown Columbus is home to several art galleries. The tour stops at a few of these creative establishments.

Camp Benning began in the Midtown district. This district was home to General Henry Benning (for whom Fort Benning is named after). His former home still stands.

Carson McCullers, a world-renowned author, was born and raised in Midtown. Tour her home with an advanced booking request.

Walk and meditate on Columbus’ only public labyrinth. (optional).

See over 30 points of interest, with views of up to 100 outstanding homes, demonstrating rich styles of architecture.

Allow up to two hours for the tour.



  • Wynnton
  • Weracoba
  • Art and literature galleries
  • Local shops
  • Historical parks
  • Macon Road Complex
  • Antebellum homes

All tour times are Eastern.

Meet at the lobby of the Columbus Museum, 1251 Wynnton Road.

No tour of the museum is included. Please visit before or after the tour.



  • The first $100, or bookings under $100, are non-refundable.
  • Exchanges can be made, if the request is made at least 24 hours before the start of the tour.
  • Reschedule date must be within one year of original tour date.
  • See FAQ for weather-related questions.
Prices & Booking

Prices & Booking

 If booking for one person, you may be the only guest on the tour. If you're ok with it, proceed with booking.

Arts & Antebellum Shuttle Tours

Adults (Ages 10 & up) – $30/person

Child (Ages 3-9) – $15/person

Ages 2 and under – Free

Call 762-822-6251 for rates for 11 or more guests.


Book - Shuttle

Tour Guide on board your personal Vehicle, Van, or Bus

Price per Group / Not per person

1 – 4 guests – $40.00 total
5 – 9 guests – $55.00 total
10 – 14 guests – $70.00 total
15 – 19 guests – $85.00 total
20 – 24 guests – $100.00 total
25 – 29 guests – $115.00 total
30 – 34 guests – $130.00 total
35 – 39 guests – $145.00 total
40 – 50 guests – $160.00 total
Call for 50 or more guests.


Book - Guide-On-Board

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Vicinity Tours, LLC